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Director Seen Doing Work

Breaking News!! - Aspect Fire Director seen doing some work....

Saturday morning shoppers in Manchester were afforded a rare treat this weekend at the sight of our Northern Area Operations Director doing some manual graft.

The CIS Tower, on Miller Street in Manchester, is a landmark building of the city.  Completed in 1962 the tower stands at 387 feet tall and until recently was the tallest building in the city, overtaken by the Beetham Tower in 2006.  In the 1990's the building was granted Grade II listed status by English Heritage, being described as "the best of the 1960's Manchester Office blocks".

Unbeknown to most people however, the tower is also home to a large number of inert gas fire suppression systems.

At 6am on the morning of Saturday 21st of March, six Aspect fire operatives descended on the CIS Tower to start the replacement of fifty-three 80 litre cylinders across a total of eight systems spread across several floors of the building.  Replacement cylinders were delivered direct to the CIS Tower at 10am and by 2pm all systems were back on line with replacement cylinders ready to give service for the next ten years.

"I had to stick all these labels onto the new cylinders" said Adrian, "Im just not cut out for that sort of heavy manual labour.  Luckily I was able to go home afterwards and have a nice lie down".

In accordance with the Pressure Vessels Regulations all pressurised fire suppression storage cylinders have a shelf life of ten years from installation, at which point they require replacing.  Aspect Fire Solutions approach to cylinder change outs include meticulous planning of the works to ensure down time of systems protecting critical locations is kept to a minimum whilst always paying close attention to the risks involved in moving high pressure containers.

Aspect are able to undertake replacement of storage cylinders containing all agent types such as IG-541, IG-55, FM200, Novec 1230 and Carbon Dioxide.  All operatives are F-Gas trained and have extensive experience in the manual handling of pressurised cylinders.

For those of you that are bothered, Adrian made a full recovery and was back in the office on Monday, pushing his pen!!

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