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Aspect fire solutions are specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of ARGOGEN fire suppression systems.


ARGOGEN is a fast clean extinguishing agent. Its constitu-ents are naturally occurring gases, Argon and Nitrogen. (Chemical compound designation IG55) It is approved for use in normally occupied areas and perfectly safe for human exposure at the system design concentrations.It is stored at 300 BAR pressure as a gas in standard size cylinders. The ARGOGEN is discharged through a piping network into the protected area.

How it works

ARGOGEN extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen content of an enclosure from approximately 21% found in ambient air to below 15% at which most combustible materials will not burn. ARGOGEN is safe for people at the prescribed design concentrations for people who may still be within the protected area at the time of discharge.ARGOGEN is odourless, colourless & leaves no deposits or decomposition products. It is non-conductive & non–corrosive.The density of ARGOGEN is also similar to that of normal air which gives good retention qualities. This means that the room does not need to be sealed as tightly in order to achieve the required gas retention levels.  ARGOGEN can be utilised to protect multiple areas in a building from a central cylinder bank. This is achieved using pneumatic directional valves, to divert the correct quantity of gas to the area where the activation has occurred, thereby reducing cost and the number of cylinders required.


  • Truly environmentally friendly fire suppression agent
  • No ozone depleting potential
  • No global warming potential
  • Suitable for both occupied & critical risk areas
  • Approved for use on class A&B fires
  • Proven on tens of thousands of installations worldwide


  • Computer suites and data centres
  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Telecomms enclosures
  • Power generation
  • Museum and archives

Service and Maintenance

In order to optimise the performance of any fire suppression system service and maintenance in accordance with the relevant standards is essential. We are able to offer full 24/7 maintenance and call out facility. In addition we offer in house room integrity testing of protected enclosures.

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