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Low Pressure Water Mist Systems

Low pressure water mist systems are supplied with a pump assembly and break tank. As with high pressure systems, low pressure systems can be utilised on both Class A and Class B fires but are typically employed as an alternative to conventional sprinkler systems where water storage is difficult.

As less water is used when compared to standard sprinkler systems, the low pressure mist distribution pipework is also of a smaller bore than sprinkler pipework, thereby facilitating an easier installation. All tube and fittings employed on a low pressure mist system are corrosion resistant in nature, such as galvanised or stainless steel.

Low Pressure Water Mist

The ULF Aquamist nozzles AM27 and AM29 are closed head nozzles which are used on wet pipe systems. Both have successfully performed in full scale fire testing by Factory Mutual as described in the Class 5560 protocol. The open deluge AM4 nozzle is also both UL and FM approved.


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